Top Best Tourist places in Udaipur, Rajathan/City Palace

Jag Residance Palace, Udaipur

CITY palace Udaipur Rajasthan

Udaipur city situated by Maharana Udai Singh in 1559 at the bank of Banas River. It was new capital of Mewan state. In 1567, Mughal Emperor Akbar was surrounded the worship fort of Chittor. When The Mughal Empire is weak then Sisodiya rulers again got the freedom all Mewan states accept Chittor. Udaipur is a hilly area due to this reason being unsuitable for heavy armored Mughal horses, the British became a princely state of India in 1818.

The Udaipur City Palace is the famous and magnificent integral part of the life of Udaipur. It was the largest Mahal of Rajasthan. This Mahal was build by Maharana Udai singh II and continuasly mantaine by coming rules of Udaipur. The entrance of City palace from northsite badipole and tripoliya gate.  Palace is very beatiful in all palatial buildings in India. Surounding of city palace included 11 cities Palace.It is mix of architech of Mugal and Rajasthani Style architecture. It is built on top of a hill due to this reason it’s seen an air view of the whole city. In palace many tombs, rooms, Courtyard, corridors, pavilions, hanging gardens and towers.

Main gate is called Tripoliya because it is a three-dimensional gate. Near this gate is a area where elephants fight. In between two gates have Arch or marble arches where king  weighed with silver and gold, after then it was later distributed to the very poor. The part of the palace is The Krishna Vilas, the Palace of Sheesh Mahal or the Mirror and the Moti Mahal or the Pearl Palace and Jagdish temple.

Jag Residence, Island, Udaipur

It situated on Lake Pichola island, presentaly known as convenient hotel. In the courdyard shadow made a swimming pool. Mango Tree & Kamal pond is beautiful place for all visitors who have come for fun.

Jag Mandir, Udaipur

Second one island palace was built by Maharaja Karan Singh, but Maharaja Jagat Singh was expanded it. Its beauty is magnificent and rare.   

Moti Megari

Rajput King Maharana Pratap beautiful statue build in Moti Megari. It is located on the hill of Magari Fatehsagar. Surroundig of Moti Megari is a beautiful garden like as Japanese Rock Garden.




Fateh Sagar Lake

It was rebuilt by Maharana Fateh singh, firstly this was build by Maharana Jai singh but due to flud it was destroyed. In the middle of lake a beautiful garden known as Nehru garden.

Lake Pichola

After the discovery of Udaipur city expanded this lake by Maharana Uday Singh II. In this lake have two islands and the palaces are built on is known as world residence, now its name is the lake palace hotel and another is the world temple.

Shilpagram, Udaipur

This is a Shilgamram where traditional houses of Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra are shown. Classical music and dances of these states are also displayed here.
Sajjangarh (monsoon palace)

Maharaja Sajjan Singh was build this place on the top of Aravati hill Udaipur. Sajjangarh have a beautiful Lake for view.Seen of evening is very beautiful because this palace was rises with light.

Palanquin/Saheliyo ki Badi

This garden war build on the respect of palanquins. In this garden have lotus ponds, fountains, kiosks and marble elephant.

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