Kumbhalgarh Fort Strange Story & History, Rajasthan

Kumbhalgarh Fort Rajasthan

You known about the “Great Wall of China” who is longest wall of world but you known who is second largest wall in world it is situated in India.In Rajasthan Rajsamand Distric Kumbhalgarh fort wall which lenth is 36km and width 15 feet. This fort was build by Maharana Kumbha in 1443-1458. This fort based on the remnants of emperor Askoka second son’s fort. After the completion of fort rana Kumbha have design coin mention name of fort. There are 360 temple in fort, 300 jain fort and left hindu temple.

Story of the fort was very interesting in starting period. Rana kumbha started the work of fort in 1443 but there was so many difficulties occur in stating period. Rana kumbha too varied and meet to a saint. The saint told him that work will progress only when anyone willingly submits for human sacrifice by himself. King too worries and think about who wiil be agry for it. Then saint told him I am ready for Sacrifice, king please give me the permission for this.

Saint told, I am going on the mountain, where he stop anyone will killed him that plac and on that place build a devi temple. That was exactly done after 36 he stopped and then from his fuseleg seprated his head. Where fall his head build a main gate known as “Hanuman Pole” and where fall the fuseleg build a second main gate.

There are 84 forts comes in Rana kumbha state, in its 32 fort map made it self by Rana Kumbha. Kumbhalgarh one of them. Width of fort wall, that 10 horse running at a time. Its told that king used 100kg cotton and 50kg ghee for the working laborers to used large light lamp in night.

After complete the fort attack will be started, but left one time, fort has been always unbeaten. At this time water have finish in side the fort and four king army Mughal ruler Akbar, King Man Singh of Amer, King Uday Singh of Mewar and Sultan of Gujarat was surrounded the fort. But sadow news about the fort that Maharana Kumbha never defeat to anyone, who killed by his son uday karn in Rajya Lipsa.

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