Maharshi Durvasha Ashram

Durvasha Ashram Mathura

The great saint Maharshi Durvasa was known for his angry behavior. He was the period of Satyug, Treta, and Dwaper a famous yogi Maharshi. The saint was born from part of Mahadev. He was always an necessary become angry. He was capable for give temporal noon.

Saint Atri was the son of Brahmaji.For the test of patriarchal religion of his wife Anasuyaaji, Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh born a child in his ashram, Bramha become a Chandrama, Vishnu in Dattatrey, Mahes in Durvasha. After on the request of dev his wife’s Anusuya told at present time they lives I asram as my son but in actual image he will seated in their dhams. This story is in the period of Satyug starting.

Story of Maharaj Ambrish and Sage Durvasha

When Durvasa some grev up, they started austerity, obtain many yoga siddhis and famous as a Yogi. Saint Durvasa build a asram at the bank of Yamuna river. At the another end of Yamuna river a nice palace of Maharaj Absrish. Once king after Nirjala Akadashi and Jagran become fasting. After completing all task king ready  for taking food, at that time Durvasha will be come then request the king to Maharshi for taking food but Durvasa will go for bathing at Yamuna river but passing more time. After the suggestion of Brahmin to the king it is necessary for you to take grave, but at this time Sage Durvasa came and become to angry and said you are insulted to me. For burn to king Ambrish, sage Durvasa create demon from squeezed his booty.For live saving of bakta Ambrish god manifested the protective chakra Sudarshan and monks was consumed and Sudarsan run towords Durvasa. Durvasa are running in 14places for his protection at last reach to the lord Shiva. Lord shiva send to Vishnu. Vishnu told to Durvasha you are crime of my devotee so if you want to safe then you pray to Ambrish.

When Durvasha running in 14 places during this period king Ambrish can’t take food. When Durvasha meet him king caught the feet and fed him. Sage Durvasha more satisfied and happy to him after then return his asram.

Actually sage Durvasha was incarnation of God Shiva.Durvasha ashramname is Ishapur due to light of Gog Shiva. The old ashram of Durvasha is in bank of river Yamuna, Mathura.

Durvasha Ashram Azamgarh UP

Actualy no any one know that who is the actual tapao land of Durvasha. The famous ashram of Durvasha in Phulpur tahsil 40km from Azamgarh distric UP. Durvasa village situated at the sangam of Tauns and Magahi river.

One side Shiv temple another side sage Durvasa temple. It is that temple where Maharshi Durvash  penance.

In between sapt sage  is  Tapao land of  three no of sage that place.  A very big fair come on the Kartik full moon day.


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