History of Golkunda Fort (गोलकुंडा किला)


Golakunda Fort, Hyderabad

Golkunda Fort specially know as two name Golkunda and Golla Kunda, is situated at south India, Telangana, 10  km away from Hyderabad. Golkunda was the capital of Kutubshahi state(C 1518-1687).Golkunda state also famous because its king gave the famous Kohinoor Hira.

Golkunda Fort (गोलकुंडा किला) had constructed in the period of Maratha Empire. But fort captured by Munusuri, who have won to Tuglaki army in the war of Warngal. In C1512 its captured by Kutubshahi king, till the capital of his state when Hyderabad Made. In C1687 The Fort won by Aurangjeb.

Fort situated on graphite mountain have 8 doors and three side surrounded by strength wall.The river Musi flowing at the south side of the fort and in north side tomb of state kings made by graphite stones.

In 17th Centaury Golkunda was known as the famous market of diamond. Here all the world found more diamonds, one of them is Kohinoor (कोहीनूर). Near about 62 year had empire of Kutubshahi sultan of Golkunda state.

Golkunda fort is a combination of 4 forts. In its many shahi sapatments, hall, temple, Mosque. Its lowest site Fteh door who called as “win door”. In fateh door you feel sound wave. You have seen in Golkunda 400 year old garden. Main entrance gate “Bala Hisar” situated in the east direction. The boundary of the door mention a beautiful drawing and lock of the door is a special type of lock and on insert a rounded Falak.

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