Haldighati Battle Between Maharana Pratap And Mugal “हल्दीघाटी”

Haldighati Battle

“Haldighati“ is a historical place of Indian history. Haldighati is situated from Udaipur to 43km and from Nathdwar to 11km. Haldighati is a place where a fierce battle in between Emperor Akbar and Maharana Pratap army in 18 June.That place called as ‘Goganda’. In this war main point was local natives with Rana Pratap and Man Singh leading Mughal army. Leader of Mugal army was Salim and Mansingh fighted with Maharana Pratap in 15th June 1576. In this war Maharana Pratap lovely figher jhalaman Singh was veergati. Gajaseen Salim was luckily saved by Ranapratap’s miserable spear. To understand actual situation of war Pratap outside the war field with his brave horse “Chetak”. After then Chetak left his life that place mausoleum of horse.

Pratap have 22 Sahastra army, in its 14 have participated in war. More than 500 soldiers were Pratap relatives.In Mugal army more than 500 army sardar were killed, it was heavy losses of mugal. Whose army came with the salim, in which some army safe for support at emergency, so if insured the army some of covered. Due to this reason historians have not clear how many solider killed from mugal army. After the war Pratap life is very struggling but never left his courage.

                              Details of Both Army

                                   Mevan                                Mugal Army

Senapati              Hakim Khan Suri                 Man Singh 

Soldiers                   8000                                   80000

Killed Army            1600                                    40000



Main Sardar

Mevan- Rana Punja, Dodiya Bhim,   Mansingh Jhala,  Man singh Bina, Ram Shah Singh Tomer, Shalivahan Singh      Tomer ,  Krinshan Dash Chudavat ,  Chandrasen Rathor ,  Acharya Raghvendra

Mugal- Bhokal Singh, Khorasan,  Kazi Khan, Multan Khan,  Bahlol Khan, Syed Ahmed khan, Syed Hasim



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